The New wonderful magazine, and marvellous chronicle; or, new weekly entertainer

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245 0 4 ‡aThe New wonderful magazine, ‡h[serial] ‡band marvellous chronicle; or, new weekly entertainer.
260 ‡aLondon, ‡bAlex. Hogg.
300 ‡a4 v. ‡billus., plates (part fold.) ports. (part fold.) ‡c22 cm.
362 0 ‡av. 2-5; 1793.
500 ‡a"Embellished with a great variety of elegant copper-plates, accurately engraved."
500 ‡a"A work recording authentic accounts of the most extraordinary productions, events, and occurrences, in providence, nature, and art. Consisting of such curious matters as come under the denominations of miraculous! queer! odd! strange! supernatural! whimsical! absurd! out of the way! and unaccountable! ... The whole carefully collected from the writings of the most approved historians, travellers, astrologers, physicians, physiognomists, philosophers, &c. of all ages and countries."
520 ‡aIncludes part of "Gulliver's travels" by Jonathan Swift.
530 ‡aAlso available via the World Wide Web.
538 ‡aMode of access: Internet.
590 ‡aRBC AP3 .W6 Earlier titles exist.
700 1 2 ‡aSwift, Jonathan, ‡d1667-1745. ‡tGulliver's travels.
700 1 ‡aHogg, Alexander, ‡dactive 1778-1819, ‡eprinter.
780 0 0 ‡tWonderful magazine
CID ‡a102586143
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974 ‡8ia.newwonderfulmaga3179unse ‡bUNC ‡cIUNC ‡d20190523 ‡sia ‡unc01.ark:/13960/t17m7wn2b ‡zv.3(1793) ‡y1793 ‡rpd ‡qbib ‡tnon-US serial item date < 1880