Pre-operational acceptance test procedures for the materials testing reactor. Part II, Post neutron tests

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245 0 0 ‡aPre-operational acceptance test procedures for the materials testing reactor. ‡nPart II, ‡pPost neutron tests / ‡cprepared by Phillips Petroleum Company, Research and Development Department, Atomic Energy Division, Technical Branch ; F.W. Crawford, Technical Director, R.M. Wallace, Assistant Project Manager, R.L. Doan, Project Manager.
246 3 0 ‡aPost neutron tests
260 ‡aOak Ridge, Tenn. : ‡bU.S. Atomic Energy Commission, Technical Information Service ; ‡a[Washington, D.C.] : ‡b[Available from the Office of Technical Services, Dept. of Commerce], ‡c[1956]
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500 ‡a"Date Declassified: September 12, 1955"--Page 2 of cover.
500 ‡a"IDO-16005 ; Subject Category: Physics"--Cover.
500 ‡a"February 29, 1952."
520 3 ‡aFollowing the construction phase of the Materials Testing Reactor and the completion of Part I of the pre-operational acceptance tests, a series of acceptance tests on the reactor proper will be necessary. It is the purpose of this manual to describe in detail such a series of tests. These tests fall naturally into several well-defined phases. They are, approach to criticality; study of characteristics of the reactor and its components; establishment of power rating; and full power operation.
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650 0 ‡aMaterials testing reactors.
700 1 ‡aDoan, R. L.
700 1 ‡aWallace, R. M.
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710 2 ‡aU.S. Atomic Energy Commission.
710 2 ‡aPhillips Petroleum Company. ‡bAtomic Energy Division.
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