Standard industrial classification manual, 1972 : 1977 supplement

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035 ‡a(CStRLIN)CASX3777184-B
040 ‡aOClU ‡cOClU ‡dCU-SB ‡dCStRLIN
090 ‡aHF1042 ‡b.A55 1972, Suppl.
110 1 ‡aUnited States. ‡bOffice of Federal Statistical Policy and Standards.
245 1 0 ‡aStandard industrial classification manual, 1972 : ‡b1977 supplement.
260 ‡a[Washington] : ‡bU. S. Dept. of Commerce, Office of Federal Statistical Polic and Standards ; ‡b[for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U. S. Govt. Print. Off.], ‡c[1977]
300 ‡a15 p. ; ‡c24 cm.
500 ‡aCover title.
500 ‡aAt head of title: Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget.
500 ‡a"Both the Standard Industrial Classification Manual 1972 and the Enterprise Standard Industrial Classification Manual 1974 are updated by this supplement...based on recommendations from the Technical Committee on Industrial Classification."
500 ‡a"This supplement is issued by the newly created the Department of Commerce, which has assumed the statistical policy function formerly assigned to the Statistical Policy Division of the Office of Management and Budget."
538 ‡aMode of access: Internet.
650 0 ‡aCommercial products ‡zUnited States ‡vClassification.
710 1 ‡aUnited States. ‡bOffice of Management and Budget. ‡bStatistical Policy Division. ‡tEnterprise standard industrial classification manual.
710 1 ‡aUnited States. ‡bTechnical Committee on Industrial Classification.
710 1 ‡aUnited States. ‡bOffice of Management and Budget. ‡bStatistical Policy Division.
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