Lanotomia delle cancellaresche corsiue, & altre maniere di lettere

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090 ‡aZ43.A3 ‡bC87 1588
100 1 ‡aCurione, Lodovico, ‡d-1617.
245 1 3 ‡aLanotomia delle cancellaresche corsiue, & altre maniere di lettere / ‡cdi Lodovico Cvrione ; con la quale senza la presenza del maestro si può peruenire a una uera intelligenza de quest'arte ; libro secondo.
246 3 ‡aAnatomia delle cancellaresche corsive, & altre maniere di lettere
246 3 ‡aAnotomia delle cancellaresche corsiue, & altre maniere di lettere
260 ‡aRomae : ‡b[s.n.], ‡c1588.
300 ‡a[1], 45, [2] leaves ; ‡c18 x 26 cm.
500 ‡aEngraved throughout by Martin van Buyten. Forty-five numbered plates present chancery hand, including "lettera corsiva" variant, and "Lettre que escriuent les dames de France" (plate 43). Two unnumbered plates at the end with roman letters.
500 ‡aThe order in which Curione's four writing books were published does not corresond to their numbering. Del modo di scrivere le cancellaresche corsive ("libro primo") appeared in 1590, Il teatro delle cancellaresche corsive ("libro terzo") in 1593, Il cancelliere ("libro quarto") in 1582. See Bonacini.
510 4 ‡aBonacini, C. Arti scrittorie, ‡c441
538 ‡aMode of access: Internet.
590 ‡aBinding: 20th-century yellow paper, sprinkled green. Half vellum. Author, title & date written on spine.
590 ‡aGetty copy lacks the 8th line of the title ("Imparione alla insegna del martello") as given in Bonacini, where it is reported to be lacking also in the Metropolitan Museum copy. In Getty copy the title leaf is followed by an extra unnumbered leaf, a variant of the "Regola prima" given on numbered leaf 1. A 2nd extra unnumbered leaf appears after leaf 44; it is a specimen salutation addressed to Francesco Joppa. Leaf 45 is bound in after the first of the two unnumbered leaves devoted to roman letters.
650 0 ‡aAlphabets ‡vEarly works to 1800.
650 0 ‡aPenmanship ‡vEarly works to 1800.
655 7 ‡aEngravings ‡zItaly ‡y16th century. ‡2aat
655 7 ‡aWriting books ‡zItaly ‡y16th century. ‡2aat
700 1 ‡aBuyten, Martin van, ‡dactive 1588-1613.
CID ‡a102189416
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974 ‡8ia.lanotomiadelleca00curi ‡bCMALG ‡cGRI ‡d20171012 ‡sia ‡ugri.ark:/13960/t49p9985q ‡y1588 ‡rpd ‡qbib ‡tnon-US bib date1 < 1880