Memorable addresses by American patriots

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245 0 0 ‡aMemorable addresses by American patriots / ‡cfrom collection by John Clark Ridpath.
260 ‡aChicago : ‡bElliott-Madison Co., ‡c[191-?]
300 ‡a112 p. : ‡bport. ; ‡c18 cm.
505 0 ‡aResistance to oppression, by Patrick Henry.--Farewell address, by George Washington.--Funeral oration for Washington, by Henry Lee.--The Monroe doctrine, by James Monroe.--The true grandeur of nations, by C. Sumner.--The dangers from slavery, by Theodore Parker.--Plea for slavery, by A. H. Stephens.--Gettysburg address, by Abraham Lincoln.--The new day, by W. L. Garrison.--Vision of the Civil War, by R. G. Ingersoll.--The new South, by H. W. Grady.--American liberty, by H. L. Carson.--The Blue and the Gray, by Henry Watterson.--The "Cross of gold," by W. J. Bryan.--International amity, by William McKinley.--Foundations of progress, by Theodore Roosevelt.--The Philippines, by W. H. Taft.
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650 0 ‡aSpeeches, addresses, etc., American.
651 0 ‡aUnited States ‡xHistory.
700 1 ‡aRidpath, John Clark, ‡d1840-1900.
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