The art of England, lectures given in Oxford

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100 1 ‡aRuskin, John, ‡d1819-1900.
245 0 4 ‡aThe art of England, ‡blectures given in Oxford, ‡cby John Ruskin ... during his second tenure of the Slade professorship.
260 ‡aNew York, ‡bJ. Wiley & sons., ‡c1884.
300 ‡a4 p. l., 3-205 p. ‡bfront. (port.) ‡c20 cm.
505 0 ‡alecture I. Realistic schools of painting. D. G. Rossetti and W. Holman Hunt.--lecture II. Mythic schools of painting. E. Burne-Jones and G. F. Watts.--lecture III. Classic schools of painting. Sir F. Leighton and Alma Tadema.--lecture IV. Fairy land. Mrs. Allingham and Kate Greenaway.--lecture V. The fireside. John Leech and John Tenniel.--lecture VI. The hillside. George Robson and Copley Fielding.
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650 0 ‡aArt ‡zEngland.
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