The works of Washington Irving

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100 1 ‡aIrving, Washington, ‡d1783-1859.
245 1 4 ‡aThe works of Washington Irving.
250 ‡aNew ed.
260 ‡aNew-York, ‡bG. P. Putnam, ‡c1848-51.
300 ‡a15 v. ‡bfold. maps. ‡c20 cm.
500 ‡aVols.1-11, 14 "New edition, revised." v.1-10, 15 (on special t.-p.) "Author's revised edition." Apparently a made up set, in part (?) the first collected edition, 1848-50; in part a re-issue (?) of that edition, which consisted of revised editions of his works, with the exception of Oliver Goldsmith and Mahomet, which appeared there for the first time.
505 0 ‡av.1. Knickerbocker's New-York, 1849.--v.2. Sketch book. 1848.--v.3.-4. Life and voyages of Columbus. 1849.--v.5. Columbus and his companions. 1849.--v.6. Bracebridge Hall. 1849.--v.7. Tales of a traveller. 1849.--v.8. Astoria, 1849--v.9. Crayon miscellany. 1849.--v.10. Bonneville's adventures. 1849.--v.11. Oliver Goldsmith. 1849.--v.12-13. Mahomet and his successors. 2v. 1850.--v.14. Conquest of Granada. 1850.--v.15. The Alhambra. 1851.
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