Diary and notebook, 1833-1839 and 1851

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100 1 ‡aRoberts, Jane, ‡d19th cent.
245 1 0 ‡aDiary and notebook, ‡f1833-1839 and 1851.
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520 8 ‡aReading lists (sometimes including commentary) and accounts of social visits appear as well. Roberts was well-connected in literary and aristocratic society, and frequent references are made to members of the Romantic movement, including Augusta Leigh, Lord Byron's half-sister, with whom Roberts often visited. Byron is mentioned upon occasion, including one entry providing an account of the destruction of his memoirs. Other friends include Lady Cork, Lady Bradford, Lady Dungannon, J. H. Wedge, Barbara Hofland, and Sir Henry Taylor. Roberts also documented her visit (and that of Lady Byron) to Mr. DeVille, a phrenologist.
520 8 ‡aDiary and notebook of author of Two Years at Sea, The Court Favourite, and Lowenstein, King of the Forest. Entries record the sale, writing, and publication of these three works as well as the writing and rejection of another, Verginia (sic) Water, providing a detailed account of the author's difficult relationship with the publishing world. Volume also contains poetry by Roberts, including a sequel to the Scottish ballad "Auld Robin Grey;" and "The Highminded Maiden of Scotia's Proud Land" (written on the day of the burial of Florence Hastings).
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545 ‡aBritish author.
600 1 0 ‡aTaylor, Henry, ‡cSir, ‡d1800-1886.
600 1 0 ‡aWedge, John Helder, ‡d1793-1872.
600 1 0 ‡aDungannon, Sophia Irvine, ‡cViscountess.
600 1 0 ‡aBradford, Georgina Elizabeth Moncrieffe, ‡cCountess of, ‡d1790-1842.
600 1 0 ‡aHofland, ‡cMrs. ‡q(Barbara), ‡d1770-1844.
600 1 0 ‡aByron, George Gordon Byron, ‡cBaron, ‡d1788-1824.
600 1 0 ‡aLeigh, Augusta, ‡d1784-1851.
600 1 0 ‡aHastings, Flora, ‡cLady, ‡d1806-1839.
600 1 0 ‡aRoberts, Jane, ‡d19th cent. ‡tLowenstein, King of the Forest.
600 1 0 ‡aRoberts, Jane, ‡d19th cent. ‡tCourt Favourite.
600 1 0 ‡aRoberts, Jane, ‡d19th cent. ‡tTwo Years at Sea.
600 1 0 ‡aRoberts, Emma.
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