The discovery of America

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245 0 4 ‡aThe discovery of America.
260 ‡aBoston, ‡bOld South meeting house, ‡c1892.
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490 0 ‡aOld South leaflets. X. 1892
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505 0 ‡a1. Strabo. Strabo's introduction to geography.--2. [Eiriks Páttr Rauoa] The voyage to Vinland.--3. Polo, M. Marco Polo's account of Japan and Java.--4. Colombo, C. Columbus's letter to Gabriel Sanchez.--5. Vespucci, A. Amerigo Vespucci's account of his first voyage; letter to Pier Soderini.--6. Cortés, [H.] Cortes's account of the city of Mexico; from his second letter to the Emperor Charles.--.7. The death of De Soto; from the "Narrative of the gentleman of Elvas."--8. Hakluyt, [R.] The voyages of the Cabots; from [his] "Principles of navigations, voyages and discoveries of the English nation."
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