Manual of Jewish history and literature, preceded by a brief summary of Bible history,

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100 1 ‡aCassel, David, ‡d1818-1898.
240 1 0 ‡aLeitfaden für den unterricht in der jüdischen Geschicte und Literatar. ‡lEnglish
245 1 0 ‡aManual of Jewish history and literature, ‡bpreceded by a brief summary of Bible history, ‡cby D. Cassel; tr. by Mrs. Henry Lucas.
260 ‡aLondon, ‡bMacmillan and co., ‡c1913.
300 ‡axviii, 262 p. ‡c16 cm.
500 ‡aTranslation of: Leitfaden für den Unterricht in der jüdischen Geschichte und Literatur.
538 ‡aMode of access: Internet.
610 2 0 ‡aJews ‡xHistory.
650 0 ‡aJewish literature ‡xHistory and criticism.
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