The Reverend Lewis Rou

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100 1 ‡aFiske, Willard, ‡d1831-1904.
245 0 4 ‡aThe Reverend Lewis Rou, ‡cpastor of the French Protestant church, New York city, and the missing manuscript of his tract relating to chess (1734), entitled: Critical remarks upon the Letter to the Craftsman on the game of chess, occasioned by his paper of the 15th of Sept., 1733, and dated from Slaughter's coffee-house, Sept. 21.
260 ‡a[Florence, ‡bPrinted at the Landi press, ‡cJanuary, 1902]
300 ‡a14 p. ‡c20 cm.
500 ‡a"Lewis Rou" (p. [7]-14) reprinted with slight changes from "The book of the First American chess congress ... 1857". New York, 1859.
500 ‡a"A short essay on the game of chess", an allegorical treatment of contemporary politics, signed "R", was published in the Craftsman, no. 376, Sept. 15, 1733, and reprinted in the Gentleman's magazine, v. 3, p. 473-474. It was answered by an anonymous pamphlet entitled "A letter to the Craftsman on the game of chess occasioned by his paper on the fifteenth of this month", dated from Slaughter's coffee-house, Sept 21, 1733, and usually ascribed to Lord John Hervey. Rou's "Critical remarks" upon the pamphlet were never printed and his ms. has been lost signt of since 1858.
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600 2 0 ‡aHervey, John Hervey, ‡cBaron, ‡d1696-1743. ‡tA letter to the Craftsman on the game of chess.
600 1 0 ‡aRou, Lewis, ‡d1676?-1750 ‡tCritical remarks upon the letter to the Craftsman on the game of chess.
650 0 ‡aChess.
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