Bulletin. The English bulletin

LDR 00707nas a22002291 4500
001 008163807
003 MiAaHDL
005 20130813000000.0
006 m d
007 cr bn ---auaua
008 820903 19159999xx uu 0 0eng d
035 ‡a(MiU)008163807
035 ‡asdr-pst.a102765
035 ‡a(OCoLC)777037956
035 ‡aLIAS230020
040 ‡aPSt ‡cPSt ‡dWaOLN ‡dMiU
110 2 ‡aTexas University.
245 0 0 ‡aBulletin. ‡pThe English bulletin.
260 ‡aAustin, Tex., ‡c1915-
362 1 ‡aCeased publication with no. 14, July 1, 1932. ‡zcf. ULS.
362 0 ‡ano.1- Dec. 1915-
538 ‡aMode of access: Internet.
650 0 ‡aEnglish literature ‡xStudy and teaching.
CID ‡a008163807
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