Friendly faces of three nationalities

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100 1 ‡aBetham-Edwards, Matilda, ‡d1836-1919.
245 1 0 ‡aFriendly faces of three nationalities, ‡cby Miss Betham-Edwards ... With portraits and other illustrations.
260 ‡aLondon, ‡bChapman and Hall, ltd., ‡c1911.
300 ‡axi, 293, [1] p. ‡bfront., plates, ports. ‡c22 1/2 cm.
505 0 ‡aI. Baron Tauchnitz.--II. Matilda Betham.--III. Amelia Blandford Edwards.--IV. Coventry Patmore.--V. Madame Bodichon.--VI. William Allingham.--VII. An afternoon with Lord John Russell.--VIII. Tea with Christina Rossetti.--IX. H. B. Brabazon (Brabby)--X. "Owen Meredith", the first earl of Lytton.--XI. Herbert Spencer in society.--XII. George Macdonald.--XIII. General Booth.--XIV. Vidi tantum!--Charles Dickens.--XV. Une grande dame--Mme. (Blanc) Th. Bentzon.--XVI. A group of French friends.--XVII. A great-nephew of Danton.--XVIII. Anecdotical: Sir Joseph Hooker; M. Brunetière at home; W. J. Fox, the Norwich weaver boy; Lord Houghton; Dr. Martineau; "Talkers all", Sir Edwin Arnold and the Rev. W. H. Channing.--XIX. Ex-Empress Eugénie.-XX. A trio of pioneers.
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