So what's new?

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008 830729s1975 xx 000 0 eng d
035 ‡a(MiU)007064562
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035 ‡aLIAS292611
040 ‡aPSt ‡cPSt ‡dWaOLN ‡dMiU
245 0 0 ‡aSo what's new?
260 ‡aWashington : ‡bEnergy Research and Development Administration, Office of Public Affairs, ‡c1975.
300 ‡a24 p.
500 ‡a"A 'User's manual' to accompany ERDA's wall chart: Energy history of the United States, 1776-1976".
538 ‡aMode of access: Internet.
650 0 ‡aPower resources ‡zUnited States ‡xHistory.
650 0 ‡aAmerican Revolution Bicentennial, 1976
700 1 ‡aDukert, Joseph M. ‡tEnergy history of the United States, 1776-1976.
710 1 ‡aUnited States. ‡bEnergy Research and Development Administration. ‡bOffice of Public Affairs.
CID ‡a007064562
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