El muro = The wall

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100 1 ‡aHernández Santos, Eduardo.
245 1 3 ‡aEl muro = ‡bThe wall / ‡cEduardo Hernández Santos.
246 3 1 ‡aWall
260 ‡aFlorence, Mass. : ‡bRed Trillium Press, ‡c[2008?]
300 ‡a[15] leaves (most folded) : ‡bchiefly b&w ill. ; ‡c23 x 35 cm.
500 ‡aEl muro is 9 by 14 inches with a semi-concealed wire-o binding opening to 20". The ten triptych photographs and text are printed on Shine, a luminous, mica-coated, acid-free paper. Three sheets of translucent magenta paper separate the photographs and the essays. Edition of 1200. Eduardo Hernández Santos's El muro is a composite chronicle of late-night life at Havana's utmost limit of the city: the seafront wall, popularly know as the Malecón. El muro is a significant visual source of constantly thwarted gay nightlife in Havana, but above all it is a social document about the members of a historical underclass emerging from hiding to contest efforts to control their lifestyles, to proclaim their normality and their non-conformity of the status quo. These powerful images express the subjects' abiding desire to reaffirm their existence.
500 ‡aPortraits juxtaposed with lines taken from the poem "La isla en peso" by Virgilio Piñera.
504 ‡aInclude bibliographical references and glossary.
538 ‡aMode of access: Internet.
546 ‡aAfterword in Spanish and English.
650 0 ‡aTransgender people ‡zCuba ‡zHavana ‡vPortraits.
650 0 ‡aCross-dressers ‡zCuba ‡zHavana ‡vPortraits.
650 0 ‡aTranssexuals ‡zCuba ‡zHavana ‡vPortraits.
650 0 ‡aPortrait photography.
650 0 ‡aGays ‡zCuba ‡zHavana ‡vPortraits.
650 0 ‡aArtists' books.
700 1 ‡aPiñera, Virgilio, ‡d1912-1979.
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