Kak my v narod khodili; otryvok iz vospominanīĭ

LDR 00743nam a2200205K 4500
001 006658513
003 MiAaHDL
005 20140205000000.0
006 m d
007 cr bn ---auaua
008 850314s1910 sz 000 0 rusrd
035 ‡asdr-nrlfGLAD17084609-B
035 ‡a(OCoLC)28862151
040 ‡aCUY ‡cCUY ‡dZEPHIR
090 ‡a HX915 ‡b.D38 1910
100 1 ‡aDeĭch, L. G. ‡q(Lev Grigorʹevich), ‡d1855-1941.
245 1 0 ‡aKak my v narod khodili; ‡botryvok iz vospominanīĭ.
260 ‡aDavos, ‡bKn-vo zhurnala "Za rubezhom," ‡c1910.
300 ‡a31 p.
500 ‡aThis work was later incoporated into the author's Za polveka.
500 ‡aAnother edition has title: Khozhdenie v narod.
500 ‡aAt head of title: Wie wir beim Volk Propaganda machten; Erinnerungen. L. Deĭch.
538 ‡aMode of access: Internet.
650 0 ‡aAnarchism.
CID ‡a006658513
COM ‡d20140205000000.0 ‡mThe leading $ in the barcode of this record was either added or removed to achieve parity with the University of Michigan Aleph system.
DAT 0 ‡a20090408000000.0 ‡b20140205000000.0
DAT 1 ‡a20140205110427.0 ‡b2019-09-27T18:17:42Z
CAT ‡aSDR-ZEPHIR ‡dZEPHIR ‡ldollar_twin-001-001
HOL ‡0sdr-nrlfGLAD17084609-B ‡auc1 ‡bSDR ‡cNRLF ‡puc1.$b195047 ‡sUC ‡1GLAD17084609-B
974 ‡bUC ‡cNRLF ‡d20190927 ‡sgoogle ‡uuc1.$b195047 ‡y1910 ‡rpdus ‡qbib ‡tnon-US bib date1 between 1880 and 1925