Four hundred million acres; the public lands and resources

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035 ‡a(OCoLC)414949
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050 ‡aHD216 ‡b.W5
090 ‡a ‡dx ‡aZ238.B6 ‡bW62
090 ‡a HD216 ‡b.W5
100 1 0 ‡aWinter, Charles Edwin, ‡d1870-
245 1 0 ‡aFour hundred million acres; ‡bthe public lands and resources, ‡cby Charles E. Winter... history, acquisition, disposition, proposals, memorials, briefs, status. A chronological record and a progressive study; conservation, federal or state?
260 0 ‡aCasper, Wyo., ‡bOverland publishing company ‡c[c1932]
300 ‡a349 p. ‡billus. ‡c21 cm.
500 ‡aOn label mounted on back of front cover: First edition, no. 597.
500 ‡a"Corrections": slip mounted on p. [311]
538 ‡aMode of access: Internet.
650 0 ‡aPublic lands ‡zUnited States.
752 ‡aUnited States ‡bWyoming ‡dCasper ‡9(1932)
CID ‡a006522462
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