A gallery of old rogues,

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100 1 0 ‡aFrench, Joseph Lewis, ‡d1858-1936.
245 1 2 ‡aA gallery of old rogues, ‡cedited by Joseph Lewis French.
260 0 ‡aNew York, ‡bA.H. King, inc. ‡c[c1931]
300 ‡avi p., 2 l., 11-285 p. ‡c23 cm.
505 0 ‡aBuckets of blood, by O.P. White.--Tardy the cruel and ferocious pirate, by H.K. Brooke.--Bandits of the rivers, by H. & E. Quick.--That old rogue war, by Mark Twain.--Billy the kid, by W.N. Burns.--The great Lord bond robbery, by A. Bidwell.--When blood flowed in the Red river, by A.L. Drummond.--Devil Anse, by R.F. Dibble.--Two outlaws, by A. Jennings.--A genius who went wrong, by A.L. Drummond.--Slade, by Mark Twain.--The rough and tumble, by E. Van Every.--Jennings' last train holdup, by A. Jennings.--The Cutlass case, by D.H. Clarke.
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650 0 ‡aCriminals ‡zUnited States.
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