The celestial omnibus

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100 1 ‡aBramah, Ernest, ‡d1869?-1942.
245 1 4 ‡aThe celestial omnibus ‡c[by] Ernest Bramah. With an introd. by John Connell.
260 ‡a[London] ‡bPublished by J. Baker for the Richards Press ‡c[1963]
300 ‡a392 p. ‡bport. ‡c23 cm.
500 ‡aLabel inside front cover: Published in the United States by Dufour Editions, Chester Springs, Pa.
505 0 ‡aIntroduction, by J. Connell.--The transmutation of Ling.--The vengeance of Tung Fel.--The confession of Kai Lung.--The encountering of six within a wood.--The inexorable justice of the Mandarin Shan Tien.--The out-passing into a state of assured felicity.--The high-minded strategy of the amiable Hwa-Mei.--The malignity of the depraved Ming Shu.--Whereby the angle at which events present themselves may be varied.--The story of Prince Ying.--The story of the poet Lao Ping.
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