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Language(s): Japanese ; English
Published: Tōkyō : Kokkasha, Meiji 22 [1889]-
Subjects: Art, Asian
Art > Art / Japan > Art / Japan / Periodicals.
Art, Asian > Art, Asian / Periodicals.
Note: Title from cover.
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 39 cm.
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Full viewv.1:no.1-12 1889-90 Cornell University
Limited (search only)no.1-6 Princeton University
Full view1-12 1889-90 University of Minnesota
Full viewIndex:v.1/25 1889/1915 Cornell University
Limited (search only)no.1-1029 INDEX University of California
Limited (search only)Index no.1-1029 1889/1979 University of Virginia
Full viewv. 1 1889-90 University of Michigan
Full viewv.2:no.13-24 1890-91 Cornell University
Full viewv. 2 1890-91 University of Michigan
Full viewv. 3 1891-92 University of Michigan
Full viewv.3:no.25-36 1891-92 Cornell University
Full viewv. 4 1892-93 University of Michigan
Full viewv. 5 1893-94 University of Michigan
Full viewv. 6 1894-95 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)no.7-12 Princeton University
Full viewv. 7 1895-96 University of Michigan
Full viewv. 8 1896-97 University of Michigan
Full viewv.9:no.97-108 1897-98 Cornell University
Full viewv. 9 1897-98 University of Michigan
Full viewv.10:no.109-120 1898-99 Cornell University
Full viewv. 10 1898-99 University of Michigan
Full viewv.11:no.121-132 1899-1901 Cornell University
Full viewv. 11 1899-1901 University of Michigan
Full viewv.12:no.133-144 1901-1902 Cornell University
Full viewv. 12 1901-02 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)no.13-18 Princeton University
Full view13-24 1890-91 University of Minnesota
Full viewv.13:no.145-156 1902-1903 Cornell University
Full viewv.13 1902-03 University of Michigan
Full viewv.14:no.157-168 1903-1904 Cornell University
Full viewv. 14 1903-04 University of Michigan
Full viewv. 15 1904-05 University of Michigan
Full viewv.15:no.169-181 1904-1905 Cornell University
Full viewv.16:no.182-193 1905-1906 Cornell University
Full viewv.16 1905/06 University of Virginia
Full viewv. 16 1905-06 University of Michigan
Full viewv.17:no.194-205 1906-1907 Cornell University
Full viewv.17 1906/07 University of Virginia
Full viewv. 17 1906-07 University of Michigan
Full viewv.18:no.206-217 1907-1908 Cornell University
Full viewv.18 1907/08 University of Virginia
Full viewv. 18 1907-08 University of Michigan
Full viewv. 19 1908-09 University of Michigan
Full viewv.19 1908/09 University of Virginia
Full viewv.19:no.218-229 1908-1909 Cornell University
Limited (search only)no.19-24 Princeton University
Full viewv.20:no.230-241 1909-1910 Cornell University
Full viewv. 20 1909-10 University of Michigan
Full viewv.21:no.242-253 1910-1911 Cornell University
Full viewv.21 1910/11 University of Virginia
Full viewv. 21 1910-11 University of Michigan
Full viewv.22:no.254-265 1911-1912 Cornell University
Full viewv. 22 1911-12 University of Michigan
Full viewv.23:no.266-277 1912-1913 Cornell University
Full viewv. 23 1912-13 University of Michigan
Full viewv. 24 1913-14 University of Michigan
Full viewv.24 1913/14 University of Virginia
Full viewv.24:no.278-289 1913-1914 Cornell University
Limited (search only)no.25-30 Princeton University
Full view25-36 1891-92 University of Minnesota
Full viewv.25:no.290-301 1914-1915 Cornell University
Full viewv.25 1914/15 University of Virginia
Full viewv. 25 1914-15 University of Michigan
Full viewv.26:no.302-313 1915-1916 Cornell University
Full viewv.26 1915/16 University of Virginia
Full viewv. 26 1915-16 University of Michigan
Full viewv. 27 1916-17 University of Michigan
Full viewv.27:no.314-325 1916-1917 Cornell University
Full viewv.27 1916/17 University of Virginia
Full viewv.28 1917/18 University of Virginia
Full viewv. 28 1917-18 University of Michigan
Full viewv.28:no.326-337 1917-1918 Cornell University
Full viewv.29:no.338-349 1918-1919 Cornell University
Full viewv.29 1918/19 University of Virginia
Full viewv. 29 1918-19 University of Michigan
Full viewv.30:no.350-361 1919-1920 Cornell University
Full viewv.30 1919/20 University of Virginia
Full viewv. 30 1919-20 University of Michigan
Full viewv. 31 1920-21 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)no.31-36 Princeton University
Full viewv.31:no.362-373 1920-1921 Cornell University
Full viewv.32:no.374-385 1921-1922 Cornell University
Full viewv.32 1921/22 University of Virginia
Full viewv. 32 1921-22 University of Michigan
Full viewv.33 1922/23 University of Virginia
Full viewv. 33 1922-23 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)no.37-42 Princeton University
Full view37-48 1892-93 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.43-48 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.49-54 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.55-58 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.59-65 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.66-71 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.72 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.73-80 Princeton University
Full view73-84 1895-96 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.81 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.82-88 Princeton University
Full view85-96 1896-97 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.89-94 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.95-100 Princeton University
Full view97-108 1897-98 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.101-108 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.109-114 Princeton University
Full view109-120 1898-99 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.115-121 Princeton University
Full view121-132 1899- 1901 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.122-125 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.126-131 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.132-138 Princeton University
Full view133-144 1902 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.139-144 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.145 Princeton University
Full view145-156 1902-03 University of Minnesota
Full viewno.146-153 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.154-159 Princeton University
Full view157-168 1903-04 University of Minnesota
Full viewno.160-166 Princeton University
Full viewno.167-172 Princeton University
Full view169-181 1904-05 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.173-178 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.179-181 Princeton University
Full viewno.182-187 Princeton University
Full view182-193 1905-06 University of Minnesota
Full viewno.188-193 Princeton University
Full viewno.194-199 Princeton University
Full view194-205 1906-07 University of Minnesota
Full viewno.200-205 Princeton University
Full viewno.206-211 Princeton University
Full view206-217 1907-08 University of Minnesota
Full viewno.212-216 Princeton University
Full viewno.217-222 Princeton University
Full view218-229 1980-09 University of Minnesota
Full viewno.223-228 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.229-234 Princeton University
Full view230-241 1909-10 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.235-240 Princeton University
Full viewno.241-246 Princeton University
Full view242-253 1910-11 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.247-252 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.253-258 Princeton University
Full view254-265 1911-12 University of Minnesota
Full viewno.259-264 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.265-270 Princeton University
Full view266-277 1912-13 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.271-276 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.277-282 Princeton University
Full view278-289 1913-14 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.283-286 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.287-291 Princeton University
Full view290-301 1914-15 University of Minnesota
Full viewno.292-297 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.298-302 Princeton University
Full view302-313 1915-16 University of Minnesota
Full viewno.303-307 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.308-312 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.313-318 Princeton University
Full view314-325 1916-17 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.319-324 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.325-331 Princeton University
Full view326-337 1917-18 University of Minnesota
Full viewno.332-337 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.338-343 Princeton University
Full view338-349 1918-19 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.344-349 Princeton University
Full view350-361 1919-20 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.350-355 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.356-361 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.362-368 Princeton University
Full view362-373 1920-21 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.369-374 Princeton University
Full view374-385 1921-22 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.375-380 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no. 381-387 Princeton University
Full view386-397 1922-23 University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)no.388-392 Princeton University
Limited (search only)no.393-398 Princeton University