The diaries of William Charles Macready, 1833-1851

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100 1 ‡aMacready, William Charles, ‡d1793-1873.
245 1 4 ‡aThe diaries of William Charles Macready, 1833-1851. ‡cEd. by William Toynbee ... With forty-nine portraits ...
260 ‡aNew York, ‡bG.P. Putnam's sons, ‡c1912.
300 ‡a2 v. ‡b49 port. (incl. fronts.) on 48 pl. ‡c24cm.
500 ‡a"In 1875, two years after Macready's death, his Reminiscences and selections from his diaries and letters, edited by the late Sir W. F. Pollock, bart., were published by Messrs. Macmillan. At that time it was thought desirable to withhold a considerable portion of the diaries, but after the lapse of nearly forty years the reasons for this suppression no longer hold good, and the most important of the omitted passages are accordingly given, for the first time, in the present work."--v. 1, pref.
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