Select translations from Old English poetry

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100 1 ‡aCook, Albert S. ‡q(Albert Stanburrough), ‡d1853-1927.
245 1 0 ‡aSelect translations from Old English poetry, ‡cedited with prefatory notes and indexes by Albert S. Cook ... and Chauncey B. Tinker.
250 ‡aRev. ed.
260 ‡aCambridge, Mass., ‡bHarvard university press, ‡c1935.
300 ‡a2 p. L., iii-xi, 195 p. ‡c21 cm.
504 ‡aBibliography: p. 172-173.
505 1 ‡aI. Eple and historical pieces: Widsith. Selections from Beowulf. The battle of Brunanburh. The battle of Maldon.--II. Secular lyrics: The seafarer. The wanderer. The ruined city. Deor's lament. A love-letter. The banished wife's complaint. Gnomic verses. Riddles.--III. Religious lyrics: Cædmon's hymn. Bede's death-song. Selections from the Christ. The dream of the rood. Ruthwell cross inscription. Brussels cross inscription.--IV. Biblical poems: Selections from the Genesis. Selections form the Exodus. Judith.--V. Saints' legends: Selections from the Andreas. Selections from the Elene.--VI. Religious mythology: The Phoenix .--VII. Charms.--Bibliography: References for students of Old English poetry.--Appendix I. Selections from the verse-translations of Beowulf.--Appendix II. The song of Brunanburh.--Appendix III. Bede's account of the poet Cædmon.--Appendix IV. Fragment I of the Old Saxon Genesis, and the Old English Genesis, 790-820.--Indesx of subjects.--Index of media.--Index of titles.
538 ‡aMode of access: Internet.
650 0 ‡aEnglish poetry ‡yOld English ca. 450-1100 ‡xTranslations into English.
700 1 ‡aTinker, Chauncey Brewster, ‡d1876-1963 ‡ejoint ed.
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