The king of the golden river; a legend of Stiria

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100 1 ‡aRuskin, John, ‡d1819-1900.
245 1 4 ‡aThe king of the golden river; ‡ba legend of Stiria ‡cwritten in 1841 by John Ruskin, the same being a tale for young folks & their elders.
260 ‡aEast Aurora, N.Y., ‡bThe Roycrofters, ‡c1900.
300 ‡a75 p. ‡bfront. (port.) ‡c20 cm.
500 ‡aOf this edition there were printed and specially illumined by hand 350 copies. This book is Number 255, Elbert Hubbard.
500 ‡aColophon: So here endeth The king of the golden river, as written by John Ruskin: the title page and initials being designed by Samuel Warner, and the whole done into a book by the Roycrofters, at their shop, in East Aurora, New York, U.S.A., in the year MCM.
538 ‡aMode of access: Internet.
650 0 ‡aFairy tales, English.
700 1 ‡aHubbard, Elbert, ‡d1856-1915.
710 2 ‡aRoycroft Shop.
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