Carolina folk-plays

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100 1 0 ‡aKoch, Frederick H. ‡q(Frederick Henry), ‡d1877-1944.
245 1 0 ‡aCarolina folk-plays, ‡cedited with an introduction by Frederick H. Koch...and a foreword by Paul Green, illustrated from photographs of the original productions of the plays.
260 0 ‡aNew York, ‡bH. Holt and company ‡c[c1928]
300 ‡axxxvi, 267 p. ‡bfront., illus., plates. ‡c20 cm.
500 ‡aAt head of title: Third series.
505 0 ‡aContents.--Aims of the Carolina Playmakers.--The Carolina playmaker, by F. H. Koch.--The Playmakers and our art by P. Green.--The Scuffletown outlaws, a tragedy of the Lowrie gang, by W. N. Cox.--Job's kinfolks, a play of the mill people, by Loretta C. Bailey.--In Dixon's kitchen, a comedy of a country courtship, by W. Stout in collaboration with Ellen Lay.--A shotgun splicin', a mountain comedy, by Gertrude W. Coffin.--Lighted candles, a tragedy of the Carolina highlands, by Margaret Bland in collaboration with Louisa Duis.--Quare medicine, a country comedy of a quack doctor, by P. Green.--Appendix I: The Carolina Playmakers: production and tours of the Carolina Playmakers.--Appendix II: The Carolina Playmakers; a selected bibliography (p. 259-312)--Appendix III: The dedication of the Playmakers theatre.--Appendix IV: Summary--1918-1928.
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650 0 ‡aLittle theater movement ‡zNorth Carolina.
650 0 ‡aFolk drama, American ‡zNorth Carolina.
651 0 ‡aNorth Carolina.
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