Miscellaneous pieces relating to the Chinese ...

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035 ‡907-AJD-1811
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100 1 ‡aPercy, Thomas, ‡d1729-1811.
245 1 0 ‡aMiscellaneous pieces relating to the Chinese ...
260 ‡aLondon : ‡bPrinted for R. and J. Dodsley, ‡c1762.
300 ‡a2 v. ‡bfront. ‡c17 cm.
500 ‡aEdited by Thomas Percy, bp. of Dromore.
505 0 ‡av. 1. A dissertation on the language and characters of the Chinese. Rules of conduct, by a Chinese author. Translated from the French of P. Parrenin. The little orphan of the House of Chao: A Chinese tragedy. Translated from the French version, published in the grand folio edition of P. du Halde's Description de l'Empire de la Chine, &c. Paris 1735. tome 3.--v. 2. Authentic memoirs of the Christian church in China: from the German of J.L. de Mosheim. Of the art of laying out gardens among the Chinese, by Mr. Chambers, architect. A description of the Emperor's garden and pleasure houses near Peking, from the French of Frere Attiret, Jesuit. A description of the solemnities observed at Peking on the Emperor's mother entering on the sixtieth year of her age, from the French of P. Amyot, Jesuit.
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