The New Left reader

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100 1 ‡aOglesby, Carl, ‡d1935-2011.
245 1 4 ‡aThe New Left reader.
260 ‡aNew York: ‡bGrove Press, ‡c[1969]
300 ‡aviii, 312 p.; ‡c24 cm.
504 ‡aBibliographical footnotes.
505 0 ‡aIntroduction: the idea of the New Left.--Understanding leviathan. The politics of responsibility, by C. W. Mills. from One-dimensional man, by H. Marcuse. from Strategy for labor, by A. Gorz. Contradiction and overdetermination, by L. Althusser. The unknown Marx, by M. Nicolaus. from May Day manifesto, by S. Hall, R. Williams, and E. Thomson. The concept of the Left, by L. Kolakowski.--The revolutionary frontier. Algeria unveiled, by F. Fanon. The universal conscience, by F. Castro. I don't mean bananas, by Malcolm X. A prison interview, by H. Newton.--A new revolution? On anti-authoritarianism, by R. Dutschke. The battle of the streets, by D. and G. Cohn-Bendit. The appeal from the Sorbonne. Three student risings, by T. Fawthrop, T. Nairn, and D. Triesman. Columbia-notes on the spring rebellion, by M. Rudd.
538 ‡aMode of access: Internet.
590 ‡aSpec. copy: In original dust jacket.
650 0 ‡aRadicalism.
650 0 ‡aSocial history ‡y1945-
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