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Entomologisk tidskrift /
Entomologiska föreningen i Stockholm.


Language(s): Swedish ; English ; French ; German
Published: Stockholm : Jacob Spångberg, 1880-
Subjects: Insects > Insects / Periodicals.
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 23 cm.
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Full view University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Limited (search only) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Limited (search only) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Limited (search only) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Full view University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Limited (search only) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Limited (search only) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Limited (search only) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Limited (search only) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Full viewv.1-4 1880-1883 University of Michigan
Full viewarg.1 (1880) University of Minnesota
Full viewc.1 v.17-19 1896-98 University of Chicago
Full view1-10e årg. (1880-1889):regist. Harvard University
Full view1-3e årg. (1880-1882) Harvard University
Full viewv.1-2 1880-1881 Indiana University
Full viewc.1 v.1-10 1880-89 index University of Chicago
Full viewv. 1-2 (1880-1881) New York Public Library
Full viewv.3-4 1882-1883 Indiana University
Full viewv. 3-4 (1882-1883) New York Public Library
Full viewarg.3 (1882) University of Minnesota
Full view4-5e årg. (1883-1884) Harvard University
Full viewarg.4 (1883) University of Minnesota
Full viewv.5-8 1884-1887 University of Michigan
Full viewarg.5 (1884) University of Minnesota
Full viewv. 5-6 (1884-1885) New York Public Library
Full viewv.5-6 1884-1885 Indiana University
Full view6-7e årg. (1885-1886) Harvard University
Full viewarg.6 (1885) University of Minnesota
Full viewv.7-8 1886-1887 Indiana University
Full viewarg.7 (1886) University of Minnesota
Full viewv.8 University of Iowa
Full viewarg.8 (1887) University of Minnesota
Full view8e årg. (1887) Harvard University
Full viewv.9-12 1888-1891 University of Michigan
Full view9e årg. (1888) Harvard University
Full viewv. 9-10 (1888-1889) New York Public Library
Full viewv.9-10 1888-1889 Indiana University
Full viewv.9 University of Iowa
Full viewv.10 University of Iowa
Full view10e årg. (1889) Harvard University
Full viewv.11 University of Iowa
Full viewv.11-12 1890-1891 Indiana University
Full view11e årg. (1890) Harvard University
Full viewv.12 University of Iowa
Full view12e årg. (1891) Harvard University
Full viewv.13-14 1892-1893 Indiana University
Full viewv.13-15 1892-1894 University of Michigan
Full viewarg.13 (1892) University of Minnesota
Full view13e årg. (1892) Harvard University
Full viewarg.14 (1893) University of Minnesota
Full view14e årg. (1893) Harvard University
Full view15e årg. (1894) Harvard University
Full viewv.15-16 1894-1895 Indiana University
Full viewarg.15 (1894) University of Minnesota
Full viewv.16 University of Iowa
Full viewv.16-19 1895-1897 University of Michigan
Full viewarg.16 (1895) University of Minnesota
Full view16e årg. (1895) Harvard University
Full viewv.17-18 1896-1897 Indiana University
Full viewv. 17 (1896) New York Public Library
Full viewarg.17 (1896) University of Minnesota
Full view17e årg. (1896) Harvard University
Full viewv.18 University of Iowa
Full viewv. 18-19 (1897-1898) New York Public Library
Full viewarg.18 (1897) University of Minnesota
Full view18e årg. (1897) Harvard University
Full view19e årg. (1898) Harvard University
Full viewv.19-20 1898-1899 Indiana University
Full viewv.19-20 1898-1899 University of Michigan
Full viewv. 20-21 (1899-1900) New York Public Library
Full viewarg.20 (1899) University of Minnesota
Full view20e årg. (1899) Harvard University
Full viewv.21-22 1900-1901 University of Michigan
Full viewv.21 1900 Indiana University
Full viewarg.21 (1900) University of Minnesota
Full view21e årg. (1900) Harvard University
Full viewv. 22-23 (1901-1902) New York Public Library
Full viewv.22 1901 Indiana University
Full view22e årg. (1901) Harvard University
Full viewarg.23 (1902) University of Minnesota
Full view23e årg. (1902) Harvard University
Full viewv.23-24 The Ohio State University
Full viewv.23 1902 Indiana University
Full viewv.23-25 1902-1904 University of Michigan
Full viewv. 24-25 (1903-1904) New York Public Library
Full viewv.24 1903 Indiana University
Full viewarg 24 (1903) University of Minnesota
Full view24e årg. (1903) Harvard University
Full viewv.25-26 The Ohio State University
Full viewv.25 1904 Indiana University
Full viewarg.25 (1904) University of Minnesota
Full view25e årg. (1904) Harvard University
Full view26e årg. (1905) Harvard University
Full viewv.26 1905 Indiana University
Full viewv.26-28 1905-1907 University of Michigan
Full viewv. 26-27 (1905-1906) New York Public Library
Full viewv.27-28 1906-1907 Indiana University
Full viewarg.27-29 (1906-08) University of Minnesota
Full view27e årg. (1906) Harvard University
Full viewv. 28-29 (1907-1908) New York Public Library
Full view28-29e årg. (1907-1908) Harvard University
Full viewv.29-30 1908-1909 Indiana University
Full viewv.29-30 1908-1909 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)v.30-32 University of California
Full viewarg.30 (1909) University of Minnesota
Full viewarg.31 (1910) University of Minnesota
Full viewv.31-32 1910-1911 University of Michigan
Full viewv.31-32 1910-1911 Indiana University
Full viewarg.32 (1911) University of Minnesota
Full viewv.33-34 1912-1913 Indiana University
Full viewv.33-34 1912-1913 University of Michigan
Full viewarg.33 (1912) University of Minnesota
Full viewarg.34 (1913) University of Minnesota
Full viewv.35-36 1914-1915 Indiana University
Full viewv.35-36 1914-1915 University of Michigan
Full viewarg.35 (1914) University of Minnesota
Full viewarg.36 (1915) University of Minnesota
Full viewv.37-38 1916-1917 Indiana University
Full viewv.37-38 1916-1917 University of Michigan
Full viewarg.37 (1916) University of Minnesota
Full viewarg.38 (1917) University of Minnesota
Full viewv.39-40 1918-1919 Indiana University
Full viewv.39-40 1918-1919 University of Michigan
Full viewarg.39 (1918) University of Minnesota
Full viewarg.40 (1919) University of Minnesota
Full viewv.41-42 1920-1921 Indiana University
Full viewv.41-44 1920-1923 University of Michigan
Full viewarg.41 (1920) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.42-43 University of California
Full viewarg.42 (1921) University of Minnesota
Full viewarg.43-44 (1922-23) University of Minnesota
Full viewv.43-44 1922-1923 Indiana University
Limited (search only)v.45-47 1924-1926 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)v.45-46 1924-1925 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.45-46 (1924-25) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)arg.47-48 (1926-27) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.47-48 1926-1927 Indiana University
Limited (search only)v.48-49 1929-1930 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)v.49-50 1928-1929 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.49 (1928) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)arg.50-51 (1929-30) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.50-51 1929-1930 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)v.51-52 1930-1931 Indiana University
Limited (search only)v.52-53 1931-1932 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)arg.52-54 (1931-33) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.53-54 1932-1933 Indiana University
Limited (search only)v.54-55 1933-1934 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)v.55-56 1934-1935 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.55-57 (1934-36) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.56-58 1935-1937 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)v.57-58 1936-1937 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.58-60 (1937-39) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.59-60 1938-1939 Indiana University
Limited (search only)v.59-61 1938-1940 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)v.61-62 1940-1941 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.61-63 (1940-42) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.62-66 1941-1945 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)v.63-64 1942-1943 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.64-66 (1943-45) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.65 1944 Indiana University
Limited (search only)v.66 1945 Indiana University
Limited (search only)v.67-70 1946-1949 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)v.67 1946 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.67-69 (1946-48) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.68 1947 Indiana University
Limited (search only)v.69 1948 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.70-72 (1949-51) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.71-73 1950-1952 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)arg.73-74 (1952-53) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.74-76 1953-1955 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)arg.75-77 (1954-56) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.77-79 1956-1958 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)arg.78-79 (1957-58) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.80 1959 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.80-82 (1959-61) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.80-82 1959-1961 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)v.81 1960 Indiana University
Limited (search only)v.82 1961 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.83-84 (1962-63) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.83-85 1962-1964 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)v.83 1962 Indiana University
Limited (search only)v.84 1963 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.85-86 (1964-65) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.85-86 1965-67 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)v.86-87 1965-1966 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.87-88 (1966-67) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)arg.89-90 (1968-69) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.89-90 1968-69 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)arg.91-92 (1970-71) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.91-93 1970-72 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)v.93-94 1972-1973 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.93-95 (1972-74) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.94-95 1973-74 University of Michigan
Limited (search only)v.95-96 1974-1975 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.96-97 (1975-76) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.97-98 1976-1977 Indiana University
Limited (search only)arg.98-99 (1977-78) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)arg.100-101 (1979-80) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)arg.102-103 (1981-82) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)arg.104-105 (1983-84) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)arg.106-107 (1985-86) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)arg.108-109 (1987-88) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)arg.110-111 (1989-90) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)arg.112-113 (1991-92) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)arg.114-115 (1993-94) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)arg.116-117 (1995-96) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)arg.118-119 (1997-98) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)arg.120-121 (1999-2000) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.122-123 (2001-02) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.124-125 (2003-04) University of Minnesota
Limited (search only)v.125 (2004) University of California
Limited (search only)v.126-127 (2005-06) University of Minnesota