Minnesota in the civil and Indian wars 1861-1865

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110 1 ‡aMinnesota. ‡bBoard of commissioners on publication of history of Minnesota in civil and Indian wars.
245 0 0 ‡aMinnesota in the civil and Indian wars 1861-1865. ‡cPrepared and published under the supervision of the Board of commissioners appointed by the act of the Legislature of Minnesota of April 16, 1889.
250 ‡a2d ed.
260 ‡aSt. Paul, Minn., ‡bPrinted for the state by the Pioneer press company, ‡c1891-99.
300 ‡a2 v. ‡c27 cm.
500 ‡aFor index see Minnesota historical society. Minnesotans in the civil and Indian wars, an index ... 1936.
505 0 ‡a[I] Historical sketches and rosters of Minnesota organizations in the civil and Indian wars. List and short record of general officers appointed from Minnesota, and of other Minnesota officers who were invested as general officers. List and short record of officers appointed from Minnesota in the Volunteer staff corps. List of appointments in the United States army from Minnesota, 1861-1870. List of officers and enlisted men promoted from Minnesota volunteers to be commissioned officers in United States colored troops. The Indian war of 1862-1864, and following campaigns in Minnesota, by C. E. Flandrau. Roster of citizen soldiers engaged in the Sioux Indian war of 1862, comp. by C. E. Flandrau.--II. Official reports and correspondence relating to the organization and services of Minnesota troops in the civil and Indian wars, 1861-1865.
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650 0 ‡aDakota Indians ‡xWars, 1862-1865
651 0 ‡aMinnesota ‡xMilitia.
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