England speaks,

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001 000150758
003 MiAaHDL
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008 850827s1935 nyuf 00010 eng
010 ‡a 36027011
035 ‡asdr-nrlfGLAD50456681-B
035 ‡asdr-miu000150758
035 ‡a(OCoLC)400290
040 ‡aDLC ‡cWSU ‡dSER ‡dOCL ‡dCUY ‡dZEPHIR
050 0 ‡aDA566.2 ‡b.G46 1935a
082 ‡a914.2
090 ‡a DA630 ‡b.G5 1935
100 1 0 ‡aGibbs, Philip, ‡d1877-1962.
245 1 0 ‡aEngland speaks, ‡cby Philip Gibbs; being talks with road sweepers, barbers, statesmen, lords and ladies, beggars, farming folk, actors, artists, literary gentlemen, tramps, down-and-outs, miners, steel workers, blacksmiths, the man-in-the-street, highbrows, lowbrows and all manner of folk of humble and exalted rank with a panorama of the English scene in this year of grace, 1935. Illustrations by E. Lander.
260 0 ‡aGarden City, N.Y., ‡bDoubleday, Doran & Company, Inc., ‡c1935.
300 ‡a5 p. l., 341 p. ‡bfront., plates. ‡c24 cm.
500 ‡a"First edition."
538 ‡aMode of access: Internet.
650 0 ‡aPublic opinion ‡zGreat Britain.
651 0 ‡aEngland ‡xDescription and travel.
CID ‡a000150758
COM ‡d20130926000000.0 ‡mThe leading $ in the barcode of this record was either added or removed to achieve parity with the University of Michigan Aleph system.
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